Rethinking Cryptocurrency Regulation in the Age of Decentralization

As the cryptocurrency landscape evolves, a critical regulatory issue has emerged in the U.S.: the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) classification of certain tokens as securities. This classification subjects these tokens to stringent trading restrictions, making legal trading nearly impossible on platforms like decentralized exchanges (DEXs). This situation has highlighted a significant gap between traditional … Read more

DeFi Is 100x More Efficient Than TradFi

Decentralized finance has a bad rap in many circles, mostly because crypto is more known for its speculation, its degen behaviour and leverage. Behind that though lies opportunity. I’m not talking about buying the next dog coin hoping that it will up go up by 10,000%. Rather, I mean using core holdings (such as BTC, … Read more

Using Leverage (or not) When Investing

Leverage is in many ways a dirty word. It shouldn’t be. After all, while many think leverage means going on a trading platform and using multiples of your capital. For example, if you use you use $100 to buy $200 worth of stocks, you will have more skin in the game, more upside but also … Read more

Why I Aspire To FatFIRE

Having studied and worked in finance, I had heard of the FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early), but never had been interested in living off as little of a budget as I could as is often preached by FIRE advocates. That is probably due to the fact that I have always generally liked my work … Read more

Share Of Mind vs Share Of My Portfolio – Crypto

You will likely notice if you follow me that I do spend a decent amount of time thinking and writing about crypto. It’s a fascinating space with a ton of innovation and so many opportunities. Not only are there undervalued assets and good investment opportunities but the basic concept of airdrops and generally rewarding activity … Read more

Does Passive Income Actually Exist?

Is the idea of passive income too good to be true? I do understand that talking about passive income is somewhat controversial but I am definitely a believer.  Why is there so much controversy around the concept? Because too many it’s an illusion and is not something that is even achievable. So let’s start off … Read more

The Resilient Fox – Who am I?

Over the years through reading, trading, investing both for myself and professionally, I’ve developed strong opinions regarding how to build a passive income portfolio. What is Passive Income? I guess there are as many ways to define passive income as there are individuals on this planet 🙂 I will define what I mean. A long … Read more