The Resilient Fox – Who am I?

Over the years through reading, trading, investing both for myself and professionally, I’ve developed strong opinions regarding how to build a passive income portfolio.

What is Passive Income?

I guess there are as many ways to define passive income as there are individuals on this planet 🙂 I will define what I mean. A long term, sustainable, diversified income that requires very little time, is not a function of amount of time spent on it and is resilient to adverse events such epidemics, inflation, etc.

What are My Objectives?

I generally love to work towards longer term goals as well as short and medium term ones to reach those targets. My longer term goals by broad category :

Mental and physical health :
-Maintain a healthy lifestyle

-Be a present and loving husband and dad
-Be present for my family and friends

Financial :
-Increase my overall net worth, with a FatFIRE lifestyle target

Why A “Resilient Fox”

As a fan of technology, I’ve been working with Chatgpt for months and generally getting it involved as a coach. I recently asked which animals could best describe my style of investing after ample discussions of what I do and don’t believe in, my investing philosophies, etc. The result?:


Truth is I’m probably biased by an encounter I had with a fox in front of my house an early morning as I was headed for a run. The fox was calm, collected, kept its distance but definitely didn’t back down. It was a memorable encounter and left me with a very positive opinion, even though I never ran into it again.

Why This Blog?

Let’s face it, investing is not easy and we increasingly will depend on our investments as the state and corporate pensions face no other choice but to reduce benefits. I’m a big fan of keeping things simple, of etf and dividend investing and avoiding shiny objects.

Tell me about Yourself

I’d love to hear more about you, where are you on your journey, what are your successes as well as challenges?

Thank you for joining me on my journey
The Resilient Fox

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